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Monday, October 1, 2018

30days completed !Ziyam's First Hike

I was born and raised in Shimshal village at 3100m elevation above sea level, a very remote mountainous village on the border of Pakistan-China, the Jeep road to the village from Karakorum high way was completed in 2003, before that the villagers used to walk for three days to reach nearest village "Passu or Moorkhon" the life in the village was extremely rough and difficult! herding,farming and recent years tourism were the main sources of income.

 My father and mother didn't go to school but both of them were extremely strict to send their all 6 children to school, all the time both my mother and father would tell all of us to study and study hard...we were lucky to have our Uncle as first graduate from our village, our other uncles were equally professionals ,our father being the eldest gave the time to uncles to pursue their professional careers.

 The first graduate is a teacher, another uncle was junior commissioned officer in the army plus army mountaineering team member, 3rd uncle was a carpenter plus a veterinarian. My elder brother also pursued his Masters, hence I cherished a good length of inspirations, despite the fact I worked at very different capacity in the tourism industry, kitchen helper, assistant cook,assistant guide till I started my own company "Karakorumexpeditions & Foundation "Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation (youth outdoor engagement program" btw i also graduated in "Business Management" !! during my climbing pursuit with my sister to seven summits ,which we did it under 8months excluding Mt.Everest, including Mt.Everest 13months.

 I had the greatest honor to encouraged my sister to summit the seven highest peaks in seven continents at the age of 24 and she became 1st Pakistani (among men and women ). My parents were extremely concern of our safety and wellbeing during all these adventure journey, I would always see my mother worried at one point I saw my mother got so sick due to our constant traveling and climbing trips! I learnt how deep parents love is for their children.always told to stay and avoid this and that... which I at many points didn't' listen .. It was not that they didn't want us to achieve, but they were very concern of my safety. 

Since, I am now a father I decided to take my Son #Ziyam Ali Baig to the nature, hence on completion of his one month, I and his mother took him to the Maragalla Hills , we did 1:30minutes hike on trail 5, I decided to encourage my son to everything good he is at and always show him natural environment, since we don't stay in Shimshal now but will take him to Shimshal every year at least twice and in the Maragalla hills. I dont want to my son to have the sense of fear, As many children don't know how it feels when you touch snow, how the rocks look, how the mountains look, how the rivers are flowing.. everything is artificial and manmade. I want other parents should also encourage their children to experience nature!