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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



We would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire Nation for appreciating and encouraging our “First Pakistani Gender Equality Mt.Everest Expedition 2013” success. Since our mission is not just to reach the highest mountain heights but the mission of our expeditions are deeper, for Gender Equality and empower women through adventure sports and encourage and promote outdoor sports, give awareness  and work on tourism. Before going on every expedition, we prepare detailed plans A, B and C, according to that we take the decision.
Our Mt.Everest Expedition on Eve of the 60th anniversary of Mt.Everest since its first ascent back in 1953, we had the great honor to represent our fatherland Pakistan on this international mega event, I privately  organised  this expedition, with the kind help of our New Zealand friends, Jennifer Kent, Joy Deerness and Arthur Smith - their financial support made it possible for us to represent Pakistan and its green flag with the first Pakistan girl attempting the tallest mountain of the world. I did this effort without any  support from Pakistan, since I love my country and have the passion to do something for my country within my capacity and my friends help made it possible that the first Pakistani woman, Samina Baig could hoist the Pakistani green flag on top of the world.

I take the opportunity and request every organization and media house to be patient for our detailed informations and please DON’T MAKE ANY STATEMENT WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION prior to our return. Please you must not give any wrong information. We will explain every thing in detail in our upcoming press conference when we arrive Pakistan soon. Every statement and information is our copyright, so please wait until we are back in Pakistan. Thank you for your patience. Thank you again for your appreciation. Pakistan ZindaBad!!! Mirza.

Day 52:  21.05.2013   Return to Base Camp

Thank God Almighty, today on the 21st of may, after 5h of strenous climb down through the difficult Khumbu Ice Fall the complete Team has returned to Base Camp. After some rest Samina and Mirza will give you more details here soon!

Day 51:  20.05.2013 Rest Day in Camp II

Today 20th of May, the team rests in Camp II after the non-stop climb and descent yesterday. We are very thankful for all your prayers, support and good messages that we received during all the weeks on the expedition as well as during and after the summit climb. Even here in Camp II we receive the positive reactions. It has been a long journey for Samina and me over the years and we want to thank all of you, who supported us during all this time and made this possible! Shukria & Thank You!
Our journey is not finished yet, Inshallah the return to Base Camp is planned for tomorrow.

Day 50: 19.05.2013

Today at 7:40am local time Samina Baig has successfully reached the summit of Mt Everest together with the Indian twin girls Tashi and Nungshi!
At the age of just 22 years, Samina is the first over all Pakistani woman to scale the highest peak of the world! Congrats Samina! Congrats to the complete Team!
Congrats Pakistan!

Mashallah, all your prayers have been heard and fulfilled, after hoisting Pakistans Green Flag on the summit of Everest, the highest peak on this planet, Samina successfully returned to Camp II. Reaching the summit is only half the way and due to exhaustion and the severe conditions in this altitude make the descent very dangerous. But now they are back in safety after a long and strenous 24h climb in this extreme altitude. An incredible performance by Samina at an age of just 22 years, she is the strongest daughter of Pakistan, the pride of the whole nation. If such a young girl can summit the highest peaks in the world, you can do everything - a symbol for all women and the complete nation. Pakistan zindabad!

Day 49: 18.05.2013    Successful ascent to Camp IV at 7.900m today!

After a hard and strenous climb of 8h the team has reached Camp IV at 7.900m today! Samina and Mirza as well as their Indian friends Tashi and Nungshi feel good and ready to start the final summit push. The weather conditions are difficult and very windy, if the forcasted betterment sets in, the team will start the final summit push tonight, Inshallah!
My dear friends, followers and supporter, keep your fingers crossed and pray for a good weather window and good luck for a successful summit push of the team. Samina is the first Pakistani female climber to reach such heights and we all pray for her! Pakistan zindabad!
Our Satphone battery goes low right now, we hope to save the best news for the summit, nevertheless dont worry if the news fall out for some time, no panic it would just be our battery that causes some delay!
Stay tuned for the latest news!

Day 48: 

17.05.2013 The Team has reached Camp III at 7.100m today!

Samina and Mirza climbed to Camp III in 5h without use of supplementary oxygen.
Together with their Indian team mates, the two Indian twin girls Nugshi and Tashi, the team left  Camp II at 9:20am and reached Camp III at 2:10am. Tomorrow the team will head for Camp IV and depending on the weather conditions start their final summit push on 19th or 20th of may. Best of Luck to the complete team!!!

For good wishes and short text messages of support, feel free to send a message to Samina, Mirza, Nugshi and Tashi unto their Satphone number: +88-21689836649
Samina, Nugshi and Tashi, the youth of Pakistan and India peacefully united in Camp III at around 7.100m

Day 46:  15.05.2013    The team has reached Camp II today!

Mirza said "We left base camp at 4:30am today and reached Camp 1 at 9:00 am. After one hour rest we continued to Camp II which we arrived at 12:00."

Tommorow is a rest day - everything is going according to the plan!
On the 17.05 the team will climb up to Camp III, followed by reaching Camp IV on 18.05. Depending on the weather conditions the final summit push could be on 19th or 20th of May.
Keep your fingers crossed and check our news feed here for latest updates of the final summit assault!

Day 41:  10.05.2013      Preparations for Summit Push, Weather forecast
Today is an exciting day, since it is the last day of election campaign before the elections in Pakistan. We hope for a  huge change!!! We hope that the youth and all the people of Pakistan will understand the need of new change in the country ! So we hope everybody will vote for the right person for the right change!! Go GREEN!!! Pakistan zindabad!
Today we got the good news that after long waiting in base camp, finally the weather forcast arrived. And the predictions are good: the weather window for the summit push is starting 14th May, we will leave for Camp II on 15th of May, 16th rest at Camp II and 17th Camp III and 18th Camp IV and 19th Inshallah will go for summit push! We request all our readers and visitors please pray for us for the great success that Samina will become the first Pakistani women to reach the szummit of Everest. And I hope to be the first young Pakistani without bottle oxygen to unfold Pakistan`s Green flag on top of the world together with our Indian friends! Wish us luck!!! Will update shortly as we leave for Camp II. Thank you for sharing and for your support!

Day 40:   09.05.2013
Today exactly we have 30days, since we arrived here at Mt.Everest Base camp. It is a permanent habitant now for the said period, interestingly we used to base camp now, food and home (tent home) is now like part of our life unless the expedition is over.
In the morning rou