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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Manaslu 8163m Expedition Nepal 2012, Manaslu Expedition 2012,though we didn't' summit , due to Massive avalanche and 11 causalities ,but it was  great experience, i was the first to reach 7000m above Camp III  after the massive snow on the mountain!,we called off our expedition in respect to those who lost their lives, on the mountain in massive avalanche! ,my Cousin Sohail made short trailer from my rough Video Archive! !the guy in red Gloves waving hands is Greg "the super french skier" who lost his life in the Avalanche along other 10 climbers, we were together at Camp III on 22nd September few hours before the avalanche,this must be his last appearance in the video!unfortunately Greg and Remy dead bodies were not found due to the massive pressure of the avalanche which blew them away from their tent and perhaps fell in craves!! he was kind of lovely man! Well, the decision was not only mine, it was MY very respect and GREAT Kiwi Friends those who are the Best Human beings on earth as i have seen,those believe in humanity ,respect to grief and sorrows of people,those suffer and not greedy of any fame or glory!! It was Our common decision to give up the summit glory for those who lost their lives and their families grief, as mountain guide its common on the mountain to see individual deaths of different reasons but this was a massive natural disaster that killed 11 people on the spot! thank you and sure there will be much better videos to come from Winter expeditions and next spring and summer,some big adventures:

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