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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samina Baig Promotional AD for Gender Equaty

Samina Baig has been the pioneer to introduce women adventure in Pakistan, that is why she is among top 10 women in Pakistan that they have influenced society through their unique work to Inspire and give courage to other fellow women. Samina and Mirza are the pioneer that they for the first time produced two documentaries one 40minutes documentary for Geo TV Pakistan,which is the top leading TV channel in Pakistan and this five minutes gender equity promotional AD.  This Short film was aired from 13 mainstream TV channels and aired 17times, before these documentaries there was even not a male adventure documentary aired from any Pakistani TV, Samina aims to promote and encourage through her adventure work other women in Pakistan and support her brother work to educate youths in the mountainous area's of Pakistan.through Pakistan Youth outreach.

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