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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Quest Beyond Limits part III

A Quest Beyond Limits - Part III - The First Pakistani Female Mountaineer Takes on Another Unclimbed Peak in Winter
Malika Parbat, 5290m, Hazara Division, February 2011
This winter expedition will be an attempt to be the first to climb Malika Parabat, the “Queen of Mountains”. Samina Baig, who recently climbed the unclimbed peak, Chaskin Sar, and became the youngest woman mountaineer of Pakistan, will be among the team members.  The team will also be made up of Mr. Mirza Ali, team leader and founding president of PYO, Mr. Arshad Karim, and Mr. Arif Baig.

The team will climb Malika Parabat, a 5290m peak, in the Mansehra District which is found in the Hazara Division of Pakistan.  The peak is the highest in the Kaghan Valley.  This peak has never been climbed according to the locals and also there is no ascent record with the Alpine Club of Pakistan.  
During the expedition, if there is time, the team will also climb Seran One, 5200m and also unclimbed.
The expedition will start from Naran, a frontier village in the Naran Valley.
A documentary of the expedition is expected for those who would be interested in airing it. The expedition seeks to educate youth about mountain sports and to bring awareness and promotion of women’s adventure and to give other women encouragement to conquer the many mountains of Pakistan.  The second goal of the expedition is to send a positive image to the world that the country is peace loving and everyone is welcome to explore Pakistan.  It is also our aim to expose Pakistan adventure potential areas; to show the world that Pakistan is rich culturally, historically, and that its mountains are unmatched in the world in the

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