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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naming the unnamed mountain and routes after the sponsor!

In my previous post i have mentioned that i will be climbing three mountains,in the Karakorum,pamir area ,Hunza/shimshal,out of these three mountains, two are unclimbed,

(Chishkin Sar 6400m and an Unnamed peak 6300m). my offer to the sponsor, is that, i will be naming the unnamed and unclimbed mountain and the routes  after the sponsor or enterprise!the launching details will be sent to and other online news channel and magazines as well ,since two of these mountains are unclimbed and unnamed!the unclimbed and unnamed peak route has been marked red,in the posted photos, the mountain and route will be named after the sponsor.
Chashkin Sar 6400m has not been climbed, and the route will be also named after the sponsor,if the sponsor sets any criteria for it too!

A detail report will be sent to the sponsor,movie along  photos (DVD)will be sent to the sponsor.

the story of the expedition will be put here on this blog in detail and also a special link will be given to the footage or video of the expedition will be given here,the story and photos will be also shared on my face book community,

1 comment:

Sam said...

Hello Mirza, this is wonderful, i wish you success and luck! best of luck!praying for your sponsorship! hope you will be a good climber of pakistan!