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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Way For Search

unfortunately the time and condition didn't favor my sponsor for the mentioned expedition , despite several try for sponsor,i couldn't get any good response. it happened the same last year, when i did my at most appeal to big organization.but all in vain since the country of mine is not mature about mountain climbing and adventure and more its future scope, having said that, the quest is on top and despite several hindrances, i will definitely work out for my dream projects,nothing can stop me even getting no sponsor!
now the seat has been booked for tomorrow,i will be away for three weeks, during this time, i will try to set out the plan according to weather and my physical condition, the top more important thing is that, i am looking for a partner,without partner climbing these new mountains will be more then risky! so first i will involve a like minded friend of me on the expedition to avoid any kind of uncertainty and risk!
this partner ship will lead us toward the main targets and projects of climbing all 14 8000m. there are friends those who are much strong and can carry such massive ventures which could be success promising ,if they dearly want to come up!
hope things will be quite fine,

the time in the Karakorum is now getting more sever and cold, since the winter is almost arriving there, according to a source, the mountains have now enough snow on the tops and few times snow has made things much challenging!
hope this venture will be successful and result oriented! for the next preparation in march/April.which will be last preparational expedition for next year double header!
the detail story will be shared to all those who spare their time ,looking at my site!
wish us Luck!
Mirza Ali

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