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Friday, June 26, 2009

[Let's discuss] Open or closed minded?

by Mirza Ali
For the past few years I have spoken about being modern and broad minded and of course about its importance as well as existence or absence in our social arena. But, since I have a cocky head with no ideological thoughts, I couldn’t get the real explications of these two bewildering words. Most of the comrades think, I am very much spinelessness and flimsy in this age of advancement and more precisely they say “modern”, still old fashioned and pervasive in my customary and traditional appearance, I never cobbled my thoughts and my postures to be Modern and Broad minded, hence getting myself in stat of muzzy reactions, it sparks at once in my head to have the opportunity on Pamir Times to know what is this modernism and what exactly does modernism mean? It happens to be the top intellectual body, and more, in our region, where some have been considering themselves modern and broadminded. The thing comes to me either we have been heading towards this menace or mission or where it navigates us?
I believe the intellectuals out there, “no gender difference”, can put their most valuable comments in making me cozy to this two said points. And enlighten us.
The question most of the time piercing my head are
What exactly being modern means?
What comes to us as broadmindedness in the region like ours?
How to link fashion with modernization and broadmindedness?
What is the fashion in terms of appearance and passion in our religions dogma?
How smart we are in modern perspective?
What the links does our values, norms and our perceptions has with the said points or sad?
How to justify ourselves, if we are modern and broadminded?

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