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Friday, June 26, 2009

By Mirza Ali (Proposal)

                                                                   PROPOSAL OF

                                        FIRST PAKISTANI WOMEN EXPEDITION
                                               MINGLISK SAR (6050M) 2007

                     A defining point for PAKISTANI WOMEN’S n the Adventurous Sports
                  An introductory expedition for PAKISTANI WOMEN’S in the field of
In the audacious sport, mountaineering has its own history identity and nuance, as other supports have been made their goodwill in every sphere, region and among different class of people in the same context mountaineering has now became more liked adventurous sport encircled by people in the world. Mountaineering was considered as men’s sport in prior history, but rapid change in the world and taste of the people has diversify it, women have now equal participation in mountaineering, since the first lady junko tabei from Japan surmount Everest on may 16th, 1975 which paved the role for women that they have equivalent infatuation and strength as men now women have equal involvement in this adventurous sport thousands of women join different size and class of expeditions around the world likewise, to Himalayas , Karakoram, Hindukush,Rockies mountains, Cascade mountain and many more mountain ranges lays between 3000 meters to 8811meters (mount Everest –most highest peak), in recent history many women have surpassed men’s in this sports many have been have been honored being first lady hosting for the first time their national flag on the top of the highest peak of the world like Everest K-2 and other 8000mthe pages show just mains heroism and effort of developing these sports in our dear country history portrays the love devotion and determination to introduce this sport even in harsh and horrible situation and hosted national flag on the top of these national sky towers
For last two years government of Pakistan has been conscious and encouraging ways to develop tourism industry in the country, to increase tourist flow in Pakistan as tourism is the third biggest industry, hundred of lives are associated to this industry, foreign exchange also play key role in national economic evolution, keeping close eyes on these top parameters which can flourish dwelling lives towards better –off an also bring affable environment between countries I am going to organize this expedition. To create peaceful environment in this country for foreign visitors that will develop a true image of Pakistan in those countries where Pakistan has Ill impression due to western or other media propaganda, for sectarian violence or terrorism. It is also propagated that in Pakistan is ascendancy society where women has no autonomous or independency, it is also promulgated that Pakistani women are just cons entrained within the house boundaries. It is not deniable that Pakistani women have made astounding progress and achieve many goals in their selected fields, for women have occupied there place in many sport in Pakistan and also represent Pakistan as national as well as international competitions but the number of participation is not adequate. Involvement of women is in simple sports not in adventurous sports like mountaineering (ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing etc)
The most adventurous sports are still in sluggish position.
Having my very close observation and experience about women’s life, future in the field of mountaineering. I have looking ways since my childhood any sorts of campaign for Pakistani women that could make them aware of their guts and skills, to make their equal role in developing adventurous Sports in the country. Therer for I am going to organize this
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