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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

By Mirza Ali

----Then the day wanted me back

Time & tide waits for none, the finest idiom applied here. A muzzy head with no idea impelled in a drastic situation. This unprofessed act reacted unsound and unflavored, debarred the actual fact of life even then forced to go over monitorial and rasped systemic gall. It, then the jubilating soul grabbed by feared feature. Undesired goal and objective, objected the existence, quest to propound the compatibility in to vexation, finding no room a brutal and abrupt fatal finishing.

It has now been proven the true picture, it was misguided in the very beginning since I didn’t know how to clutch or gear out the fabrication from my head, ideologically, I was very much distorted and detested. It then haphazardly evoked the unrealistic strips in me. Even though the situations propelled me a long way go. It was found nasty in the start; without knowing the gist of rosy life! A ropy existence has nothing in this monetarisms system. Bye and bye it revealed on the screen that stuffing oneself is the only exquisite for a long way stay, and sheerer comrade.

My appearance and experience don’t match or never came to par .whenever I tried to stick on to the principle, they don’t concur upon. I couldn’t device them for a harmonious way or to profuse the stability in them for a coherence for dear life. I myself stand in the ways that I barely believed to see in the life. This merely comfy at short and vanishes for all, it perturbs and infuriates future life at greater devastating with sophistications, the ample joy disguised. This never has any exertion to the life, of a single kind! For positive enhancement.

I then valued! realizing the fictions have neither replications in the short nor in the long, what so ever happened is disrespect and tarnishing, I shrouded all the vice and crippling for wise that need to be unveiled! I grabbed and Tantamount the breath, tough in agility. All this came after meeting my dear life after and after life lost!

My ultimate ( ) came to seal the messed and elbowed it out, I am feeling relaxed having the nice and nicest time over and after the time, this has enriched my soul and energized as well as fueling my feelings ,reengineering ,reconstructing a collapsed life and brightening my thoughts and …. I have nothing now to be craved but accomplished that is now everlasting! Agreed upon the degree of satisfaction and thanked the time and tide, which induced new horizon and spur to survive in horrific, precarious situations and entail to be leader in such stiff conditions.

I am humbly and sincerely thankful to all those dears, who have adored me, assist me and Pray for me! And steer me and fixed the demission toward well off. This could only cause me to re bounce and retracted. The gist of me is nothing..But back in to life! And there is some divined force and source of happiness...
Thanks for being there for me in any form.

Happy Ending

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Anonymous said...

wish u best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!