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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

by Mirza Ali

Culture and Change

Talking about change, modernity and advancement in culture prospective .I defined Culture!

CULTURE is a Human Behaviour, Atitude, Action and Reaction according to their natural environment, which has collective acceptance and changes with passage of TIME!

It is very debatable until one understands the crux of change and culture, modernity or westernization.
The main thing which comes to me, that is respect toward natural environment and basic humanitarian appreciation, acceptance, valuing ones feeling and equality, culture is not from piece of cloths or other things which were used few decades back. for instance, wearing of woolen paints, shoshk (Sandal) and half bats (coats) which has its usage even now but these woolen trousers, leather shoes and other stuffs have different way of outfitting compare to those which were used decades back, the same traveling on horse backs or using other animals, is no more in use, the same comportment way using dishes are no more in practice. Taste and preference always changes, but the only thing that may stay for long in cultural system is respect, value and equality for every thing exists around you. Practice beliefs, faiths and adhere progressive religious dogmas. And these all comes from change! That gain of change is not merely from wearing trendy dresses or dropping long hairs, curving shaves blabla... The progress and change comes from INTILLECTUALY GAIN!

Thinking high and hoping high is regressive, until one works hard. that is progressive(Mirza Ali)
MirzaW ISB

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