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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By Mirza Ali

Kohistan Mountain Area Research work (Pakistan)
A blue print for necessary amendment for practical implementations

This work has been framed in the vision of my previous audit trip of a school project, funded by an Austrian NGO to Besham, knowing the disgracing facts; I came up with an idea to carry out a research work, to study the basic needs and deeds for the survival of these remote mountain areas. Where potential and resources are in abundance there has to be proper utilization in a well organized way with qualified manpower for a long-term development.
A research work has been designed to be undertaken in the Kohistan mountain area to identify the fundamental cause of the area’s failure in education, economy and science, the project’s efficiency post and pre earth quake, the people’s attitude and approach thinking about the West, secular education and science, human society and the need for new projects, emphasizing the core concept of these high mountain zone people with very few facilities but abundant natural resources to their disposal, finding ways to implement new technologies in transforming the minds and setting them for new dimensions, for the betterment of society and daily life in these remote regions and proper utilization of the rich natural resources. Educating new generations and making them aware of global change and a new scientific era. Giving them proper and timely guidance and instruction toward their advancement in the current scenario. Establishing model schools to remove the differences.
The research work could be done in a sequence, sequencing facts as from.

1) Introduction to research
2) Necessity of Research
3) Scope of Research
4) Commencement of Research
5) Introduction to the area
6) Introduction to dwellers
7) Historical touch
8) Geographical importance
9) Natural resources
10) Source of income
11) Standard of living and daily life
12) World and their view of it
13) Education and its importance
14) Mental approach
15) Interpretation of core area
16) Facts and failure
17) Political conditions
18) Economic conditions
19) Educational conditions
20) Economic backwardness
21) Educational backwardness
22) Core reasons of backwardness
23) Islam and Islamism
24) Role of Islam
25) Role of Muwlanas
26) Madrassa education
27)Importance of Madrassa education
28)Madrassa education system
29) Resistance against secular education
30) Feelings about Madrassa education
31) Difference between the education systems (Madrassa and secular)
32) Concept of Islamic and non Islamic education
33) Causes of resistance
34) Importance of women in the society
35) Community empowerment and women involvement
36) Islamic way of life and its interpretations
37) Acceptance of modern life in the area
38) Fanatics
39) Possible ways out
40) Advancement by educating the masses
41) Introduction of new system by mutual acceptance
42) Utilizing manpower
43) Creating working environment
44) Providing , facilitating ,stimulating education and jobs
45) Co-educational system, bridging the gap and differences
46) Bringing equality and harmony
47) Causes of hatred
48) Erasing hatred of other creeds, casts ,religions and nationals
49) Possible Working Environment
50) Ways of job creation
51) Utilization of natural resources
52) Empowerment of women
53) Introduction of new educational system
54) Supervision and assistance for the undertaken projects(if taken in the light of this work)
55) Possibilities lie with assistance by the Government’s local NGOs, foreign NGOs and other funding agencies.
The data base will be entirely on first-hand collected data’s and interviews. From original inhabitants and necessary from non native workers, foreigners, supervising and administrating projects in the vicinity.
Genuine and Plausible Recommendations will be made in final, which will be in the light of final assessment of the research work and exact findings during the work.
This research work could be the first ever research work in these so called mountain area’s, where 100% projection is expected through this work. I have a sincere appeal for the assistance in this very first research work for success and change in a society.

the viewers of my blog, if kindly give there kind suggestions and help for this research work that i could carry out this research in the most remot area of kohistan area of Paksitan
few pics have added here of Besham school project and besham

Blue print by
Mirza Ali

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